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Are you frustrated or struggling with Organic Chemistry or Physics? Well Orgo Made Easy is here to help! Please take full advantage of all that we offer. We have resources for all income levels, starting with 100% Free Videos for many topics covered in Organic Chemistry I and II such as Resonance, NMRs, Acids and Bases, and NaBH4/LiAlH4 reduction reactions. You can also get Private Tutoring/Review Sessions or Winter/Summer Prep classes to start off the semester strong! They can be done either in person or through Skype.


We believe that every student has an incredible amount of potential in them and we want to help them unlock it. Everyone can understand Organic Chemistry and we truly wish to help students everywhere see how fun, simple, and interesting Organic Chemistry actually can be. Unsure about this or think it’s impossible? Then just watch one of our “Orgo Made Easy” videos on YouTube or hear it from former students themselves who made it pass the finish line!



Warning: Lightbulb moments may occur frequently when watching Orgo Made Easy videos or going through a tutoring session. Please ready yourselves before you proceed.