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My name is Frank Wong and I’m a recent graduate from Boston University. I started Orgo Made Easy in my junior year (2012-2013), but now Orgo Made Easy is composed of me, Safiya Nur, Rebecca Penzias, and Brittany Dacier. We all absolutely love tutoring and helping students!  I majored in Biology but had a passion for Organic Chemistry when I began tutoring it my junior year. My goal is to help bridge the knowledge gap between college professors and students. I strongly feel that Organic Chemistry and many other college science courses could be taught so much simpler. In every one of my tutoring sessions I try to show my students how fun, simple, and enjoyable Organic Chemistry can be. Ultimately I would like to help students everywhere find the hidden potential in them that they are not always aware that they have.

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I am a full time science tutor and YouTube educator. Having gone through the standard pre-med track in college, I experienced first hand how grueling and tough it is. At first I struggled so much with courses like General Chemistry, Biology, Organic Chemistry, and Physics. But then when I began tutoring the subjects, I began seeing the big picture, and it was as if the missing piece of a puzzle just clicked into place for me and it all made sense. Ever since it’s been my passion to pass on all I know to students and help them learn the material in a fraction of the time it took me.

I have 5+ years of tutoring and teaching experience as a Peer Tutor for BU’s Educational Resource Center. As a peer tutor, I had tutored General Chemistry, Intro. Biology, Organic Chemistry, Physiology, Physics, and Chinese. I was also a Physics Learning Assistant for a year where I helped a professor and two graduate teaching fellows teach Physics in a new and interactive way, called Studio. In Studio Physics the students worked in groups and lecture, lab, and discussion were all combined together for one more cohesive learning experience. I was also an Undergraduate Assistant for  Physiology, where I helped a graduate teaching fellow run a lab section for the course.

My tutoring style tends to be very active and engaging as described by many of my students. And I make sure it’s not just another lecture for them, but rather a stimulating session that involves plenty of dialogue and critical thinking. If you’d like to see a snippet of my teaching style, just find my Orgo Made Easy video tutorials on YouTube.

Orgo Made Easy Peer Tutors!

1. Safiya Nur

(Genetics, Organic Chemistry I and II)

2. Rebecca Penzias 

(General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, and French)

3. Brittany Dacier

(Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Are you ready for Orgo to be Made Easy!?

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