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I have been working on these 100% free Orgo Made Easy tutorials since September 2012 when I was working as a peer tutor at Boston University’s Educational Resource Center. I have 60+ more videos on my YouTube channel – Orgo Made Easy, that are all available for students to use. If you find them helpful, I would highly appreciate it if you would help support my mission by sharing them with your friends and becoming my Patron on Patreon. By becoming a Patron you get reliable updates, a chance to get a whole hour of free tutoring, and other rewards for just donating a few dollars to help with video production.

Sit back and enjoy! (Although not really because I want you guys to be active and try the problems out in my videos. :])


 Acids and Bases Made Easy! (4 Parts)

 Newman Projections -> Bond-Line Structure!

Resonance Made Easy – Finding The Most Stable Resonance Structure!

Resonance Made Easy – Finding Resonance Structures Part – 1!

Resonance Made Easy – Finding Resonance Structures Part – 2!

NMRs Made Easy! (6 Parts)

NaBH4 + LiAlH4 Mechanism Walkthrough Made Easy!

Why is LiAlH4 a Stronger Reducing Agent than NaBH4?

Hydration via. Hydroboration-Oxidation Made Easy!

E2 and E1 Mechanisms Made Easy (3 Parts)

Substitution Reactions – SN2 and SN1- Made Easy! (4 Parts)

Organic Chemistry Functional Groups Made Easy!

R and S Configurations Made Easy! ( 2 Parts )

The Wittig Reaction Made Easy! (3 Parts )


Hemiacetals | Hemiketals | Acetals | Ketals Made Easy! (3 Parts )

Imines and Enamines Made Easy! (3 Parts) 

The Pinacol Rearrangement Made Easy! Part 1

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