Thank you for considering to help support my mission of providing students world wide with free virtual tutoring lessons that show them how fun, simple, and enjoyable Organic Chemistry can be. My vision for Orgo Made Easy is to eventually be subsidized by small donations that are as little as $1 a month from former students and people who believe in what I am trying to do. This way I can eventually lower my tutoring rates to work with lower income students and not have to worry about not making enough money to cover expenses. It also will allow me to tutor a little less and redirect more time into making videos for all students everywhere.

My videos generally take me at least 24 hours in total to make so I usually block out two days from my work schedule to work on them. I love making them though, and your feedback always helps inspire and motivate me. If you would like to help me with my mission and support my free lessons, you can do so by either becoming a Patron on Patreon or donating via Paypal.

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