Our Experience

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We have worked with students at the following Colleges/Universities:

1). Boston University (MA)
2). Northeastern University (MA)
3). Providence College (RI)
4). Kingston University of London (UK)
5). University of Western Sydney (Australia)
6). Harvard Extension School (MA)
7). Rutgers University (NJ)
8). UMaryland College Park (MD)
9). UMass Amherst (MA)
10). Brooklyn College (NYC)
11). Hunter College (NYC)
12). Florida Atlantic University (FL)
13). UC Merced (CA)
14). Kalamzoo College (MI)
15). Columbus State University (GA)
16). Montgomery College (MD)
17). University of Dallas (TX)
18). Oklahoma State University (OK)
19). North Virginia Community College (VA)
20). University of Arkansas at Little Rock (AR)
21). Cleveland State University (OH)
22). Queen Mary University of London (UK)