Current Tutors

Frank Wong 

Founder/Head Tutor 

My name is Frank Wong and I’m a recent graduate from Boston University. I started Orgo Made Easy in my junior year (2012-2013), but now Orgo Made Easy is composed of Safiya Nur, Michele Assef, Khushali Mashruwala, Clare Phillips, Kimberly Patterson, and me. We all absolutely love tutoring and helping students!  I majored in Biology but had a passion for Organic Chemistry when I began tutoring it my junior year. My goal is to help bridge the knowledge gap between college professors and students. I strongly feel that Organic Chemistry and many other college science courses could be taught so much simpler. In every one of my tutoring sessions I try to show my students how fun, simple, and enjoyable Organic Chemistry can be. Ultimately I would like to help students everywhere find the hidden potential in them that they are not always aware that they have.

My Picture

I am a full time science tutor and YouTube educator. Having gone through the standard pre-med track in college, I experienced first hand how grueling and tough it is. At first I struggled so much with courses like General Chemistry, Biology, Organic Chemistry, and Physics. But then when I began tutoring the subjects, I began seeing the big picture, and it was as if the missing piece of a puzzle just clicked into place for me and it all made sense. Ever since it’s been my passion to pass on all I know to students and help them learn the material in a fraction of the time it took me.

I have 7+ years of tutoring and teaching experience as a Peer Tutor, Physics and Physiology Learning Assistant (LA), and Orgo Made Easy Tutor. I peer tutored General Chemistry, Intro. Biology, Organic Chemistry, Physiology, Physics, and Chinese for BU’s Educational Resource Center. As a Physics LA, I helped a professor and two graduate teaching fellows teach Physics in a new and interactive way, called Studio. In Studio Physics the students worked in groups and lecture, lab, and discussion were all combined together for one more cohesive learning experience. As a Physiology LA, I helped a graduate teaching fellow run a lab section for the course by being a bridge between undergraduates and the graduate student.

My tutoring style tends to be very active and engaging as described by many of my students. And I make sure it’s not just another lecture for them, but rather a stimulating session that involves plenty of dialogue and critical thinking. If you’d like to see a snippet of my teaching style, just find my Orgo Made Easy video tutorials on YouTube.

Safiya Nur

Genetics, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry TutorSaf's In Maryland


Michele Assef

Organic Chemistry Tutor 

Hi, my name is Michele Assef and I’m currently a junior at Boston University studying Human Physiology. I took Organic Chemistry I and II in my sophomore year (2017-2018) and joined Orgo Made Easy the following summer. As someone who knows exactly how intense the pre-med track can be (and especially as someone who struggled with courses like Gen Chem, Bio, and Calculus), I aspire to help other students in my position dominate Orgo, rather than the other way around. My own experience taking the course taught me not only that Orgo doesn’t have to be as daunting as students are made to believe, but that it can actually be enjoyable—my goal is to help students see it that way, too. When I’m not tutoring, you might find me creating pieces for BU’s student-run neuroscience journal, The Nerve, coordinating events for my forensics club, BUCSI, or watching Criminal Minds with my cat, Parker.

 Kimberly Patterson

Organic Chemistry Tutor

Hey everyone! My name is Kimberly Patterson and I am an undergraduate (senior) at University of Miami. I’m on the pre-medical track, majoring in Psychology, and have completed my minor in Chemistry. I was never a “science person” until I took Organic Chemistry, so I know how it feels to be stuck in a class where the lecture material seems impossible to decode. When I first started Orgo, I noticed that many students, including myself, were immediately intimidated by the course due to a certain stigma. But as time went on, I became fascinated with the inherent beauty of Orgo and grew to love its complex nature. I believe that everyone is capable of seeing this beauty- but first, you have to accept the complexity of Orgo and the challenges that follow. I’m available for online Skype tutoring, so you can learn while you sit comfortably in your bed wearing PJ’s…. no judgement- I’ll probably be doing the same thing.

Khushali Mashruwala

Organic Chemistry Tutor