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Organic Chemistry Tutor

Hi everyone! My name is Clare and I am a second semester junior at Boston University. I am a biology major with a specialization in cellular biology, molecular biology, and genetics. Boston University is the third university that I have attended and I plan to stay here for the remainder of my undergraduate education. If you are ever thinking through the merits of transferring to another university, I am a great resource! When I am not working hard on the demands of school, I spend my extra time with my girlfriend, our two cats, and our Siberian Husky, named Loki. I have taken most of the prerequisite pre-med classes, so I am well aware of the pre-med struggle. I took organic chemistry the second semester of my sophomore year and the first semester of my junior year. I struggled with it for a very long time, up until the end of Orgo 2. But after a lot of hard work and determination (and a lot of help from Frank!), I began to understand Orgo more fully and to really really enjoy it. If you don’t understand Orgo and you are about to give up, don’t! We can help. With our tutoring sessions, you will begin to see Orgo in a much better way. I can’t wait to meet you guys!



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